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Measurable Impact

Flex for Access has made a significant impact both nationally and globally. Nationally, Flex for Access establishes strong relationships with fitness professionals, healthcare practitioners, and sport coaches. These partnerships enable adaptive fitness-based training sessions, yoga classes, and sport programs to take place in mainstream gyms, exercise studios, and clinics with a focus on movement-centric fitness. Over the past six years, Flex for Access has collaborated with numerous gyms and studios, working alongside professionals to help individuals with physical disabilities overcome limitations caused by conditions like Cerebral Palsy, acquired injuries, MS, seizure disorders, stroke, and spinal cord injuries. Through these initiatives, participants have experienced physical improvements, such as enhanced gait, balance, and core strength, while also gaining a renewed sense of purpose, improved mental health, increased clarity, and a willingness to engage fully in life.

Adaptive Yoga
Freemotion GENESIS DS Lat Pulldown High Row

Example of adaptive equipment participating facilities have funding access to, through our Non- Profit organization.

On a global scale, Flex for Access leverages social media to expand its impact. By utilizing the hashtag #FlexForAccess, individuals are encouraged to share their experiences of flexing their biceps, participating in fitness or physical literacy activities, playing sports, or engaging in yoga. This social media movement has gained traction across the United States, Canada, Brazil, and Australia, deconstructing preconceived notions of disability, and raising awareness about the importance of movement in disability management and consistent improvement. Through these efforts, Flex for Access is driving change on a global level, promoting inclusivity, and highlighting the transformative power of physical activity.

Social Media participation using #FlexForAccess is a large part of our impact. Be sure to check out our work by following @flexforaccess and visit us on Facebook, Instagram and X.