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Adapt to Empower E-book

Adapt to Empower

This e-book by Flex for Access, is  a compilation of research and practical knowledge, related to Adaptive Fitness and Sport, by Flex for Access and Non-Profit Organization Collaborators. The eBook covers what it means to work with individuals who are part of special populations, why every fitness and wellness professional should be aware of its importance, and how to do it.

Understand 5 Ways to Create an Adaptive Fitness and Sports Program and How To Grow Your Client Demographic

With your purchase you will learn the importance of adaptive fitness and sport, how to accommodate clients’ needs both physically and emotionally, and the importance of anti-ableist language.

Featured Content

  • Data specific to the athlete pathway for learning and staying engaged in a sport
  • 9 Motor Control and Ball- Control Skills and Fitness Fundamentals that will help your clients get stronger and feel more confident
  • Over 15 Targeted Exercise Types with Revolutionary Adaptive Equipment Options
  • You will also develop strategies for actionable mental toughness prescription, movement techniques, and more.

Get it today for $200 and change lives, one strong flex at a time!

To get the e-book, please click the button below to make your payment via PayPal and then contact flexforaccess@gmail.com to receive your copy.

Run: An Uncharted Direction

Run: An Uncharted Direction

This compelling memoir tells the story of Jess Silver through a lens that is centered on sports and fitness as imperative to her life, development of a perceptive compass and personal growth. Silver takes readers on a journey into her story as she questions and contemplates her experiences and the daily truths that are apparent to us and those which are found through more inquisitive exploration, reflection and discovery.

Available for purchase on Amazon.ca

Life’s Lava: Quotes, Values and Reflections That Light Our Souls & Colour Our Days With Reason

Life’s Lava: Quotes, Values and Reflections That Light Our Souls and Colour Our Days With Reason

A compilation of photographs of nature, human condition and sport metaphors with quotes, reflections and values of life written in them. The pages are compiled and split into sections that resemble life, and speak to emotions and experiences, to create new frontiers of thought and action. Each page is part of a larger journey of discovery of meaning, truth, self-affirmation, motivation and inspiration.

Available for purchase on Amazon.ca