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Get your tickets now for the Bust-a-Flex Fundraiser in support of Flex for Access Inc. on Wednesday November 14th 2018 at W Event Boutique.

Flex for Access Inc. is pleased to announce partnerships and collaborations with ParaSport Ontario, AbilityOnline, Neurochangers and FitGirls and many other gyms and studios and we are excited and invested in the growth of fitness and sport!

Thank you to everyone that attended the Flex 'N Mingle Fundraiser on November 9th, in support of Flex for Access Inc. and helped make it a success!

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N Mingle Fundraiser_1 N Mingle Fundraiser_2 N Mingle Fundraiser_3 N Mingle Fundraiser_4

Be sure to check out Flex for Access in the December Edition of the SnapD Vaughan Newspaper locally soon.

Check us out Social Media @flexforaccess for pictures from Boxing Trade Show held at the Hansa Haus on May 27th, 2017 where Flex for Access Inc. exhibited.

Watch Jess Silver on the Global News Breaking Barriers segment
Angie Seth:

Flex for Access Inc. creates avenues for strength and advocacy in the community, stay connected with us #FlexforAccess on Social Media and don't miss out on our latest appearances in the community.

Stay Tuned For More from Flex for Access Inc.!

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